What exactly is Feng Shui? Feng Shui,which literary means wind and water,is an ancient Chinese study of the natural environment. For any individual Feng Shui can determine your best or most favorable, and your worse and least desirable location in any environment. This environment can be your office, your living quarter or any place where you are at. Feng Shui can make the determination based on the year you were born, the internal and external environments and the movements of the solar  system. Throughout the long history of Feng Shui "All living things in the universe are subject to the control of the environment"

This is a scientific fact generally recognized by all. If one studies the ancient Chinese geomancy from our modern scientific standpoint,one would discover that the most important concept is "air" means the "current" or "energy" or "qi" . In martial arts, this kind of "qi" when directed in a knowledgeable way, can promote harmony, prosperty,good health and long life. Ancient Feng Shui practitioners have accumulated precious experience through hundred of years, and have developed formulas, calculation and observed natural laws of geomancy, regarding this movement of "air"."Air" disperses when it runs into wind and it ceases when it meets water's  border. Through wisdom and observation, Chinese geomancy envolved.

 At all time, a human being is subject to the influence of time, space and climate of the universe. If we stand at high altitude, the air or pressure is less. Conversely, there is more air and pressure at low altitude, Inside a building structure where one lives or works.the movement of the air is precisely the "air","current" or "energy" that Chinese geomancy refers to.

 If the mysterious shroud of Feng Shui is removed, an analysis from a modern scientific wiewpoint can be formed, this hypothesis includes the theories of Yin and Yang, the balancing of the five primary elements,(wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) combined with the theories of "mutual creation", "mutual destruction" and "mutual reduction",

Using these theories,we redefine geomancy as a scientific art. Chemical reactions among the natural environmental elements, interacting with "air", "current", "energy" and the magnetic fields form the scientific basis of Feng Shui.









Laura Macias








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